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Friday, March 11, 2011

here is more on the story

of the ELEVEN year old girl who was gang raped. a lot of people in this town ARE BLAMING HER. she is ELEVEN. let me repeat that. ELEVEN

it's not a question of where HER mother and father were. it's a question of WHERE WERE THE MAMAS AND DADDIES OF THE BOYS AND MEN WHO RAPED HER. 

it's also NOT a racial issue (not with me at any rate). this happens across all color lines. all religious lines. all ethnic lines. all class lines. 

it's about the BLAMING of girls and women. it's about our society. when a town seems to care more about the (allegedly) guilty than the victim. 

(here is yesterday's posting)

Cleveland on edge after girl's gang rape

Racial tensions that simmered before alleged assault are now at a boil




Meanwhile, Houston community activist Quanell X rolled into town Thursday evening and held a rally questioning the ongoing investigation that has resulted in 18 black men and boys in Cleveland being charged with sexually assaulting the 11-year-old Hispanic girl.
Quanell spoke before a standing-room only crowd in a community building he rented after a predominantly minority church withdrew an invitation for him to speak and law enforcement officials advised him to cancel the meeting because of "racial unrest between black and Hispanic groups."
While calling for the black community to conduct a prayer vigil with Hispanic residents, he said Hispanics "have a right to be angry with black men who ravaged a young girl ... but the first house you need to stop at is her Mama and Daddy's house!" The audience cheered and hollered amen...............

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