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Monday, February 07, 2011

it's obvious -


Controversy Remains After Priest's Confession Of Sexual Indiscretion During Exorcism

Roger Bianchini

Roger Bianchini

  A version of this article first appeared at MyFrontRoyal.com.
An increasingly shrill and sometimes threatening tide of Catholic online debate about the reasons for the sudden and unexpected Aug. 27, 2010 departure of Father Thomas Euteneuer from his post as president of Human Life International led to a flurry of official apologies, explanations and defenses of both Euteneuer's past behavior as not only the superstar of the international pro-life movement, but also an exorcist for the Catholic Church.
The Internet crescendo peaked in the wake of a Jan. 27th medical emergency at HLI's Front Royal, Virginia headquarters described by emergency medical responders as a "medical seizure" and by some witnesses as a "demonic possession" of a past female associate of Father Euteneuer's. Five days later, as the Catholic blogosphere exploded with theories and accusations against the priest, attacks on both the priest's critics and alleged victims, Euteneuer broke the five months of official silence with an admission of one instance of moral failing during his performance of an exorcism...............


(goddess help me when i'm rather siding with sean.........)

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