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Sunday, January 02, 2011

this is tragic and it never EVER should have happened

it sure does look like it COULD have been prevented too - well at least prevented from happening in afghanistan. far from home and family

i've said it before and i'll say it again, some times i think WE are savages and to the family and friends of

Staff Sgt. David Senft i am so very sorry for your loss

Several Warnings, Then a Soldier’s Lonely Death

 WASHINGTON — A gentle snow fell on the funeral of Staff Sgt. David Senft at Arlington National Cemetery on Dec. 16, when his bitterly divided California family came together to say goodbye. His 5-year-old son received a flag from a grateful nation. But that brief moment of peace could not hide the fact that for his family and friends and the soldiers who had served with him in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, too many unanswered questions remained about Sergeant Senft’s lonely death in a parked sport utility vehicle on an American air base in Afghanistan, and about whether the Army could have done more to prevent it..........




Jose Luis Magana/Associated Press
Staff Sgt. David Senft died in Afghanistan; his body was taken home in November.

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