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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

people are going to be pissed at me

 so what else is new you're saying to yourself? well, i normally don't post political or touchy subject stuff on facebook. i posted this story and made a crack about owning guns. you see, i know a bunch of people (mostly in their very early 20s, some older) who think it's a GREAT idea to go out and shoot guns, then eventually buy some guns. a lot of these very same people get so fucking drunk four or five times a week, they lose their cars (which is actually GOOD. they should NOT be driving). sober  i don't think people should have a gun. drunk? well that's a tragedy just waiting to happen
 it's an ap story, so click the link

Ohio boy, 10, faces charge in mom's fatal shooting


pic: A ten-year old boy sits with leg irons in a courtroom during his court appearance Monday, Jan. 3, 2011, in Millersburg, Ohio. The boy has been charged as a juvenile with murder in the fatal shooting of his mother after authorities said he told a neighbor about the killing. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) (Tony Dejak - AP)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I don't understand Americans' insistence on creating and living in a gun culture.

a rose is a rose said...

i don't either. nothing more to add except how sick and sad it is