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Friday, December 10, 2010

you wanted 'em. you voted for 'em. you got 'em

now YOU deal with 'em

and don't forget who the hell was at the helm on 9/11 too. don't forget it. i won't.

don't forget who actually sent all the american service women and men to their deaths over this. don't forget who sent all the american service women and men into hospitals with horrific injuries. and will the re-pug-nacan't allow money to be spent on our veterans whose bodies and minds were torn apart thanks to them and king george and his band of merry men? (there were a couple of token women in there but mostly MEN MEN AND MEN).  goddess help you re-pug-lican'ts if YOU ever have to be dug out of a pile of asbestos tainted rubble. goddess help you because i don't know who else will

Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers

The 9/11 health bill, a version of which was approved by the House of Representatives in September, was among several initiatives that Senate Democrats had hoped to approve before the close of the 111th Congress. Supporters believe this was their last real opportunity to have the bill passed.
The action by the Senate created huge uncertainty over the bill’s future. Its proponents were working on Thursday to salvage the legislation, with one possibility being to have it inserted into a large tax-cut bill that Republicans and Democrats are trying to pass before Congress ends its current session...............

Drew Angerer/The New York Times
Senators Kirsten E. Gillibrand and Charles E. Schumer of New York during a news conference after the 9/11 health bill failed to advance in the Senate on Thursday.