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Monday, November 01, 2010

even a former president has to come out and say it

 why why why is faux 'news' so popular? are the masses really THAT stupid?

Jimmy Carter: Fox News is ‘totally biased,’ implants ‘completely false images’

By David Edwards and Eric Dolan

Former President Jimmy Carter slammed Fox News Channel for their coverage of President Barack Obama and said the Tea Party does not realize it is financed by oligarchs.
"With the discussion groups, for instance, on Fox News, that are totally biased, and they implant completely false images not only of the facts about legislation that's passed, or doesn't get passed, but also about the character of President Obama," Carter told CNN's Howard Kurtz on Sunday...............


stray said...

If a full 60 percent of Americans believe Obama is a Socialist, it's because a full 60 percent of Americans have no clue what Socialism actually is. Quel surprise.
Meanwhile all the real Socialists I know are weeping into their fair-trade javas.

Also, apropos of Hannity's "Now a full, you know, 60 percent..." -- that "you know" is linguistic shorthand for "Now I shall pull a bogus statistic straight from my factually immaculate rectum".

stray said...

PS: thank you for weighing in, Mr President.

a rose is a rose said...

hannity is a giant weenie head. i'm frightened at how uninformed americans can pretend to be. i say pretend because i refuse to believe they really ARE THAT EFFING STUPID