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Monday, October 04, 2010

wow, this is a REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD idea!


More States Allowing Guns in Bars

NASHVILLE — Happy-hour beers were going for $5 at Past Perfect, a cavernous bar just off this city’s strip of honky-tonks and tourist shops when Adam Ringenberg walked in with a loaded 9-millimeter pistol in the front pocket of his gray slacks. 
Mr. Ringenberg, a technology consultant, is one of the state’s nearly 300,000 handgun permit holders who have recently seen their rights greatly expanded by a new law — one of the nation’s first — that allows them to carry loaded firearms into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.
“If someone’s sticking a gun in my face, I’m not relying on their charity to keep me alive,” said Mr. Ringenberg, 30, who said he carries the gun for personal protection when he is not at work.
Gun rights advocates like Mr. Ringenberg may applaud the new law, but many customers, waiters and restaurateurs here are dismayed by the decision..............

Josh Anderson for The New York Times
Patrick Hartman carries a gun while checking IDs at Tootsies, a Nashville bar where customers are allowed to take weapons if they have a permit. 

and oh, by the way, THIS was in the paper today too (whoops!)

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