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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

she doesn't bother me at all

she can believe witches have satanic altars (THEY DO NOT) and she can believe masturbation is akin to adultery and she can believe there are mice with human brains. i know in my social circle she and i will never meet.

what DOES bother me are the people who will vote for her (and have voted for her in the past). clearly they also need some assistance (i'm being kind here)

O’Donnell once claimed to have ‘classified’ info on Chinese plot to ‘take over America’
By Stephen C. Webster

Republican tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell may really be her own worst enemy.
According to excerpts from a 2006 debate between she and other GOP candidates running for US Senate in Delaware, O'Donnell scoffed at a suggestion that the US and China could harbor friendly relations.
The actual letters of her response, republished Monday by the Associated Press, are eye-opening: and not for their informational content.
Explaining that China has a "strategic plan" to "take over America," O'Donnell insisted that the two nations simply could not be friends and that proponents of US-China relations are merely appeasing their enemy.............


stray said...

And when the remake of "Red Dawn" is released in November, she'll be proven right, by golly!

a rose is a rose said...

vaya con dios..............