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Saturday, October 23, 2010

joe? GOTCHA! (again)

this whole piece is from dangerous minds (and they got it form wonkette). READ it, LISTEN to the video. it's SHORT

Joe Miller thinks Social Security is ‘unconstitutional’ (but only for other people, not Joe himself)

by Richard Metzger
Slimy, Sarah Palin-endorsed, goon-squad hiring Republican Senatorial candidate from Alaska, Joe Miller’s got some s’plaining to do. It seems that Miller, who thinks Social Security, Medicare and jobless benefits are “unconstitutional” forgot to add that he meant only when other people receive them, not Joe himself! What will the Teabag weenie people think of this hypocritical fuckwit now?
Apparently, when a correspondent for Wonkette asked Miller a question about exactly what percent “disabled” he was from his military service—for which he would presumably recieve benefits—Miller promptly freaked out:
Looking away from your correspondent, Miller yelped to no one in particular, “We’ve gotta go!” He then pointed to his wife and said, “Let’s move!” The Millers hustled to the back of the vacant strip mall office next to the pizza place and surrounded themselves with campaign staffers.
This time, Miller’s phalanx of creepy skinheads dressed as Secret Service agents — last seen assaulting and restraining a local journalist — were nowhere around. Your correspondent was able to escape unscathed.
A West Point graduate who served in the first Gulf War, Miller boasts of his military record in his radio and teevee ads, yet refuses to discuss the nature or the degree of his service-connected disabilities; he receives monthly tax-free payments for life as compensation. If Miller is classified as 30% or more disabled, he receives additional payments for each of his nine dependents. This Veterans Administration benefits chart shows that Miller could conceivably be bringing in over $4,000 a month, tax free, depending on his disability rating.
He needn’t report or declare this income. What are the disabilities for which Joe Miller receives tax-free payments? A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis should concern voters more than say, hearing loss.
Yet when asked, Joe Miller froze for a moment and then fled like a guilty child.
Nicely! It’s fascinating watching this tool’s candidacy implode.
Who would be dumb enough vote for this clown, now? The more we know about Joe Miller, the more craven he appears. Yuck.
Joe Miller Runs Screeching From Simple Question (Wonkette).


stray said...

Pay no attention to the facts behind the curtain!

a rose is a rose said...

dorothy FINALLY saw the man behind the curtain, why oh why can't THEY?