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Sunday, October 17, 2010

diversity, my big fat arse

and you better believe this dude and his ilk would be the FIRST ones to call someone like me unamerican for complaining about bush. the difference is, i NEVER wished bush ill or harm (nor would i ever).  jail time sure, but not harm.

Police chief who sent ‘shoot Obama’ email fired over vacation time
By Daniel Tencer
Emails were sensitivity training course materials, chief argued
A south Florida police chief who found himself under fire for sending numerous racist and otherwise offensive emails -- including one lamenting that President Obama wasn't shot by his security detail -- has been forced to resign.
But it wasn't Police Chief Richard Perez's abusive emails that cost him his job. According to news reports this week, Perez was given an ultimatum -- resign or be fired -- after an internal investigation at the Wilton Manors, Florida, police department found Perez had been paid for time off he hadn't reported.
Last month, an investigation by the South Florida Times found that racist emails, including some targeting President Obama, were "circulated regularly" in the police department that serves the small city near Fort Lauderdale..............

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