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Thursday, October 28, 2010

hey maura kelly

keep your fucking apology. we don't want it. we don't need it. AND more importantly YOU DON'T FUCKING MEAN IT. (i'm guessing you were asked to do it OR; you realized you made a BIG FAT MISTAKE (so to speak). BUT i know you didn't get UNdisgusted by fat people overnight (well, that will never happen with you, will it?). i don't read marie claire (and now i never will). i don't care about marie claire. i don't know what the demographic is. i DO know i don't know one american woman who is happy with her body (as you, being an anorexic are NOT). why? because of people like you. because of the ad industry. because of the fashion industry. we're too dark skinned or light skinned or our hair is too straight or too curly or our eyes aren't the right color or we're too tall or too short.

fuck you ALL. in order to be happy with others, WE MUST be happy with ourselves FIRST and FOREMOST. love yourself, be comfortable with yourself and the rest will follow easily.

(i think it's important to be healthy by the way, i just think american woman are too fucked up about their looks and their bodies)

maura you're not the ONLY asswipe out there. there ARE others like


Professor Chaos said...

I had no idea about loris Leachman. Dang! I've always liked her, too.

Oh, and Maura Kelly can go suck a tailpipe.

Anonymous said...
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a rose is a rose said...

yeah, a lot of others as well prof. they take it back after it's said, but to me, the damage is done.

and anonymous, i am NOT in the habit of publishing or linking to anyone's home address (unless they themselves ask me to). hence the deletion.