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Saturday, July 03, 2010

this dude is really a democratic plant, right?

to make the republicans look like they dropped way too much acid in 1969, right? that MUST be the case. how else could you explain this; steele saying afghanistan is a war of OBAMA'S CHOOSING??? 

 W T F????
 really. this should be it for this dude

G.O.P. Leader Draws Criticism Anew

WASHINGTON — Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, drew fierce criticism and a call for his resignation on Friday after declaring at a party fund-raiser that the United States was on the wrong side of history with its conflict in Afghanistan, a military fight he called “a war of Obama’s choosing.”  .....................

and this 'splains a LOT. when he made the remarks, who was he hoping to help? why the QUEEN of connecticut (in her own mind that is). the woman who supported and PROMOTED violence against women. the woman whose organization (sure she's NOT an officer any more, but c'mon it's STILL hers and her pumped up husbands) is (i'm not sure that should be a WAS just yet) riddled with 'roids. a woman who claims she didn't know she was donating to democrats when tossing cash about in the past.

When Mr. Steele made the remarks, he was speaking to Republican contributors attending a fund-raising event for Linda McMahon, the party’s candidate for the United States Senate in Connecticut. The video appears to have been taken by a hidden camera at an event that was closed to the press. Republican officials did not dispute the authenticity of the video, but disputed its characterization...........

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