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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i can't imagine being forced to wear a dress

i DO wear dresses on occasion. i like the ones i have. 9 out of 10 times when i do wear a dress, i'll put pants on underneath. that's just how i roll. as a matter of fact, i just bought a dress for my niece's wedding (and i'm NOT going to wear pants under it) purple sunset from pyramid collection along with the poncho AND i just bought a dress from j jill. for the jjill dress, i DID buy the leggings as well and i'm going to wear them.

i don't ever want anyone to tell me I HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS. it's not right and i'm hoping it's illegal (at least in a public school)

Enforcing femininity: SC school will ban pants-wearing female students from graduation

A South Carolina school has put a star student on notice - unless she wears a dress, she won't be welcome at her graduation ceremony.

She's the image of a model graduate, this year's recipient of the Heart of Chapin Spirit Award, proud of her school from tassel to class ring, but Chelsea Sarvis' high school won't allow her to participate at graduation without the dress.

"I just don't see why girls have to wear dresses," said Sarvis.

Chapin High School's graduation dress code requires females to wear a dress or skirt. Males must wear dress pants. Chelsea says wearing a dress makes her feel very uncomfortable.

"If girls are uncomfortable with their bodies like I am, I just don't like wearing them," said Sarvis. "Why is it a stereotype that a girl has to wear a dress?"............

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