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Sunday, September 14, 2008

larisa in dc

and yes 'these people' (the lou dobbs of the world, the far right, the good ol' white boy network) really ARE afraid if when barack obama is elected THERE WILL BE MORE BLACK BABIES IN THE WORLD.

White Power: The Republican Base

I will catch you up on my adventures in DC in a separate entry, because I am so livid I can barely type. My hands are shaking and I am crying because I have never in my life seen so much hate congregated together, so much plotting the unthinkable and so much encouragement of total derangement as though rabid nationalism coupled with lunacy were somehow a good thing.

Onwards then. I went back to the Hinckley last night, which I will explain in more detail in a separate post. Suffice it to stay that I stayed overnight and snuck into the festivities of the KKK cloaked in "values" convention and all of its obscene pornography of hate. Now, I was not allowed to take pictures of the racist, hateful, misogynistic items on display in the exhibit hall because only "authorized" people were allowed to take pictures and record a public event in a public hotel. I did manage, however, to purchase one of the best selling products of this confederacy and using my cell phone, took pictures of the box. Forgive me for how blurry the pictures are. The fuzziness is the result of both my shaking hands and my cell phone's shitty camera.

The first picture below is the front of the waffle box and it is startling in its overt racism. I asked the "chef" of this ugly version of reality if he was at all concerned that this might be viewed as a white man putting a black man into a frying pan and he laughed and said "I hope so."..................

...I sat down to look at the waffle box near the deli outside of the exhibit and I overheard two women discussing the notion - frightening to them - that if Obama were to become president there would be more black babies in America............

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