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Thursday, July 10, 2008

irams urams herams sherams

it doesn't matter. our troops are getting killed over there and for what? NOT our freedom. NOT our security (the iraqis couldn't have cared less about us UNTIL we invaded their country). we'll just have to think about who profits from the war. me? nope. gas is 4.40ish a gallon in connecticut. i didn't get a cost of living raise. did you? home heating oil is through the roof. people can't pay their mortgages. so not YOU either. who then? well a bunch of good ol' white boyz somewhere. their pockets are lined with gold AND BLOOD

U.S. Troops in Iraq Face A Powerful New Weapon

Use of Rocket-Propelled Bombs Spreads

Washington Post Foreign Service

BAGHDAD, July 9 -- Suspected Shiite militiamen have begun using powerful rocket-propelled bombs to attack U.S. military outposts in recent months, broadening the array of weapons used against American troops.

U.S. military officials call the devices Improvised Rocket Assisted Munitions, or IRAMs. They are propane tanks packed with hundreds of pounds of explosives and powered by 107mm rockets. They are often fired by remote control from the backs of trucks, sometimes in close succession. Rocket-propelled bombs have killed at least 21 people, including at least three U.S. soldiers, this year.........

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