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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the other day a spokesperson for king george

said he had not visited patients at walter reed because he couldn't find the time on his busy schedule.

well in this article (which isn't about walter reed - but it steams me none the less or all the more) it clearly states king george was running around yesterday so he could BEGIN HIS EASTER BREAK (wtf?????????????? is he a college student now??????????).

at any rate, if i were him i sure as shite wouldn't be taking ANY breaks. i'd be visiting our wounded, i'd be making sure our children had adequate health care AND education. i'd be making sure those displaced by hurricanes had adequate housing, i'd make sure...(you get the point). i wouldn't be taking ANY vacations or breaks.

For Bush, Fighting Democrats And Doubts

By Peter Baker Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, April 4, 2007; Page A01
He strode alone into the Rose Garden and complained that "it has now been 57 days" since he asked Congress for more money for the Iraq war and still has not gotten it. For President Bush, the fight over war-spending legislation has become the only talking point -- an opportunity, his strategists hope, to demonstrate strength and turn the tables on a Democratic Congress that may be overreaching.
But as he answered questions yesterday before heading off for an Easter break (fort lauderdale watch out!!!), Bush was confronted with another narrative, this one about friends and voters losing faith in his leadership. He is not, he said in response to a question, more "isolated from his own party in Congress" than any president of the past half-century, as one conservative columnist wrote. He has not, he said, lost his "gut-level bond with the American public," as the chief strategist of his 2004 campaign wrote..................

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