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Sunday, August 21, 2011

yesterday, i ran into a friend of mind from texas

(and his lovely wife as well. although she is NOT from texas). we happened to talk about the texas school system/board and their habit of changing or omitting certain history from textbooks (we also talked about the carolinas and their very same habit. one GOOD thing texas does that connecticut does NOT do is concentrate a great deal of time on texas history itself. i figure since all of new england plays such a great part in american history, maybe that's why we never got an intense course on connecticut history itelf. who knows though)

at any rate, i just came across this:

Texas State Board of Education Declares War on The Declaration of Independence

The Texas State Board of Education declares war on the Declaration of Independence.
That's one perspective on the Lone Star State board that approves educational textbooks in Texas. After all, when you delete Thomas Jefferson - author of the Declaration of Independence - from the state curriculum, something un-American is definitely afoot.
According to a Washington Post column on faith, the board was also rejecting Jefferson's - and the Constitution's - guarantee of a separation of church and state, noting the:.................


stray said...

Since I was in the thick of Social Studies territory at the time of the Bicentennial, we had a fair amount of CT history -- or at least we got the pertinent details of the Revolution. Before that was pretty sketchy. Which is a shame, because people might get a better sense of the point of Separation of Church and State if they knew why Judges' Cave is called Judges' Cave.

On the other hand, that history thing, it's a slippery slope. Before you know it you're neck deep in the English Civil War, the Thirty Years War and the Wars of Religion. Huh, wonder why those Founding Guys put that Separation of Church and State thing in there...

a rose is a rose said...

you've (once again) crystallized my thoughts!