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Thursday, July 07, 2011

wonder what he would say about abortion

if the young ms with him (alleged to be a 'dancer' at a strip club) came down with some pregnancy virus (he was all hopped up on viagra by the way)

and oh, p.s. i'm NOT a bird or a scaly snake. I'M A WOMAN

An Anti-Abortion Ohio Legislator's Embarrassing Night Out

by Connie Schultz

Last Tuesday, Ohio Rep. Robert Mecklenborg -- a self-described "Catholic boy from the west side of Cincinnati" -- stood on the House floor to champion the most radical anti-abortion legislation in the country.
"We marvel, don't we?" he said, before voting for the "heartbeat" bill. "We marvel at the march of the penguins as they go to propagate their species under very, very difficult odds and conditions. We marvel at the leaping salmon as they return to their ancestral homes."
He also marveled over the mating habits of loggerhead turtles.
You're not alone if you don't quite see the parallel of wildlife to women's lives.
Not once have I ever looked at a woman of reproductive age -- including our three daughters and daughter-in-law -- and thought: Why, you're no different from fish, birds or reptiles...........

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