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Monday, July 11, 2011

amerika, land of the free

just found more on this over at geekmom

Michigan Woman Could Get 93 Days in Jail for Planting a Garden

Michelle Obama lives in arguably the most prestigious home in America. In 2009, she dug up a portion of the South Lawn and installed an organic vegetable garden to provide fresh produce for the White House kitchen. Short of the chemical companies who produce pesticides – definitely not allowed in an organic garden – who could complain about such a plan? It’s a great example of sourcing foods locally and Washington DC school children have had the chance to dig in the dirt, learning just where their food comes from.
When the Bass family had to tear into their lawn to repair a sewer line, instead of replacing the grass they decided to plant a vegetable garden. Oak Park city officials were not impressed with the family’s idea and asked them to move the garden to the backyard.
It’s a good thing the White House isn’t located in Oak Park, Michigan.
“Five beds, six yards of compost, about 90 plants – but most important of all, on principle — no!!!!” says Julie Bass.............

 don't know who took the pic, but i got it from the geekmom posting linked above


stray said...

Ah, growing crops in their front yard, clearly it's a Communist Plot! Do they have a Five Year Plan for cucumber production? Off with their heads!

Obvious Point of Order: The primary meaning of the word "suitable", whatever the tiny footnote print of his Webster's may say, is not "common" but "appropriate". This man is the dictionary definition of an asswipe, by which I mean a textbook exemplar of dickheadedness.

a rose is a rose said...

it's FOOD. FOOD. i guess i'm just missing something. there are laws that say one has to mow their lawn (i'm talking in my town now) but there are no laws that say children must not go to bed hungry. imagine that!