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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

it's all ok. what's the big deal?

it's ok because 'THEY WEREN'T VIRGINS ANYWAY' or so says that egyptian general (who finally spilled the beans).

i was going to go on and on about the horrors of this. about treating women worse than a farm animal. about women never being equal to men (yes, even in america), well not in my lifetime. but i'm only going to say

imagine if one of these women were  your aunt,  your first grade teacher, your neighbor, your MOTHER, your SISTER,  your WIFE, your DAUGHTER. imagine..........

Horrifying: Egyptian Military Carried Out "Virginity Checks" on Captured Female Protesters

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd 

Add another one to the horror stories behind the otherwise inspiring Egyptian protests this spring: an Egyptian general has admitted that the military carried out "virginity checks" on arrested female protesters. CNN:
"The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine," the general said. "These were girls who had camped out in tents with male protesters in Tahrir Square, and we found in the tents Molotov cocktails and (drugs).
The general said the virginity checks were done so that the women wouldn't later claim they had been raped by Egyptian authorities.
"We didn't want them to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove that they weren't virgins in the first place," the general said. "None of them were (virgins).".........

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