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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

just because he's a GIANT bag o' dicks

 and because he can sure as shite dish it out, BUT he sure as shite can't take it; i'm going to continue to post on the dump

and because there are people who not only ADMIRE this steamin' pile BUT WOULD ACTUALLY VOTE FOR HIM FOR PRESIDENT........ (i shudder)

Dump on Trump: Now He's Slammed by Stutterers for Seth Meyers Slur

There's no doubt about it: Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner quickly turned into a de facto roast of Donald Trump—his unfounded and ultimately disproven birther conspiracy theories, his hair and his biggest political supporters (shout-out to Gary Busey!)—with both President Barack Obama and main attraction Seth Meyers positively skewering the reality star.
So how do you come back from such a politically-acute, humorously layered and intelligently thought-out public evisceration? Well, if you're the Donald, you reach into the vast recesses of your wit and, with an eye to your would-be presidential campaign, take on a professional comedian (with a weekly platform, no less) and call him a stutterer.
Funny, right? Hilarious comeback? Yeah, the Stuttering Foundation of America didn't think so, either..............



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