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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

et tu peace corps?

i've always had dreams of joining (remember miss lilian didn't join until SHE was almost in her 70s i believe)

this is getting worse before it's getting better. i mean BLAMING the victim and all.

 (see this raw story article where a christian pop singer blames women who dress too 'provocatively')

Peace Corps Volunteers Speak Out on Rape
When she returned to the United States, the reception she received from Peace Corps officials was as devastating, she said, as the rape itself. In Bangladesh, she had been given scant medical care; in Washington, a counselor implied that she was to blame for the attack. For years she kept quiet, feeling “ashamed and embarrassed and guilty.”
Today, Ms. Smochek is among a growing group of former Peace Corps volunteers who are speaking out about their sexual assaults, prompting scrutiny from Congress and a pledge from the agency for reform.... pic:
Philip Scott Andrews/The New York Times
Jess Smochek, who was raped in Bangladesh in 2004, advocates for former Peace Corps volunteers who were sexually assaulted.

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