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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i wish this was funny

but it's not. it's real. i want to know who voted. no who REALLY voted. jack the ripper?  
(if you go to the ms sparky posting linked directly below, at the end of her posting are five related posts she's done. read 'em)

KBR, Named in Sex Lawsuits, Called One of Top 50 Companies For Women In Magazine Poll (ABC News)

..............Has you might recall MsSparky.com first blogged about this unfathomable “award” on April 7th. (read HERE) Then main stream blogs Mother Jones, Houston Press, Huffington Post, JezebelThe Truth Has Changed picked it up. Now ABC has picked it up. One would think John R. Miller, III – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Equal Opportunity Publications (no joke) would be tired of this negative publicity and just remove KBR from the list................... picked it up. Then countless smaller watchdog blogs like
April 11, 2011
KBR, a company that has been sued repeatedly for alleged sexual assaults and harassment of female employees, has been voted one of the best companies for women to work for by a magazine aimed at female engineers....
KBR has extensive contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Attorney , who has so far represented five former KBR employees who have alleged sexual assault or harassment, told ABC News that in all about 40 women have contacted his office about alleged incidents that occurred while they were working overseas for KBR or at one of its facilities.
Kelly said he didn’t think the women he’s interviewed or represented would be pleased with Woman Engineer’s honor.....

pic: KBR employee Anna Mayo, Age 26 Photo taken after brutal attack in Iraq-Anna's deserves justice. (Courtesy of Kelly Law Firm)


Ms Sparky said...

This award is a slap in the face to every rape victim, every assault victim every woman who was wronged by KBR. Thanks for helping to keep this story alive.

a rose is a rose said...

unfortunately it's not the first time i've posted about them. i hope with every ounce of my being it will be the LAST time. i will never let an assault/rape victim's story go until justice is served.