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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

YOU elected 'em. see how they're helping you?


they don't give a FUCK about YOU or YOURS. they don't. they don't give a flying fuck about the earth either. oh, they pretend they don't believe in global warming and pollution and on and on. however, they DO believe we're killing ourselves. THEY JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK. as long as they are livin' the life NOW. really. life as we know it (to us) ends at birth

Earth-Raping Dictator-Supporting House GOP Brings Styrofoam Back
by Ken Layne
Foamed polystyrene” is a miraculous invention that manages to be completely awful through every step of its near-eternal “life cycle” — it is manufactured with petroleum that must be imported from Middle East dictatorships, toxic “styrene oligomers” migrate into the food it holds, it’s highly flammable and produces black poisonous smoke, and most of the 25 billion polystyrene cups tossed every year will take more than half a millennium to degrade. And that’s why the Republican-led House of Representatives made it an immediate priority to cancel the House cafeteria’s four years of biodegradable food and beverage packaging...............

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