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Monday, January 31, 2011

you know i really didn't know too very much about these dudes

until i heard a story a while back, on npr. then i did some further research. sure, they DO do some good things as well (like support some of the arts) but let's just say these boyz are NEVER gonna get a christmas card from me

Greenpeace blimp buzzes Koch brothers’ strategy meeting

Attendees of the billionaire Koch brothers' strategy session in Rancho Mirage, California, this weekend were met with an unusual sight: A blimp overhead declaring "Koch brothers -- dirty money."
The blimp was the work of Greenpeace, the environmentalist group that last year brought attention to the prominent role that Charles and David Koch, owners of Kansas-based oil company Koch Industries, play in efforts to discredit climate change theories.
The brothers, who jointly own the second-largest privately held company in the US, "are able to push their polluter agenda through tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions, lobbying, and funding fronts groups and think tanks," Greenpeace said on its website...........


stray said...

Yes, I would rather they didn't support the arts, under the circumstances. You'll notice they like to be under the radar when it comes to their political activities but have no qualms about plastering their names on opera houses. On the other hand, if I were head of NYCO, I'd consider that carte blanche for programming [mwahahahaha!]. In fact, I would have Calixto Bieito on speed dial.


Unknown said...

wow calixto does take a chance or two