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Thursday, March 18, 2010

see, EXACTLY what i was talking about

in connecticut we even have a law to protect pets in domestic violence cases (unfortunately we cannot protect the animals NOR their human companions. of late, we have had MANY women kidnapped, beaten and/or MURDERED in domestic violence cases).

something MUST be done. in connecticut. in the united states. in the WORLD.

when we start treating animals with respect (i'm not talking individually here, that goes without saying. i'm talking AS A CULTURE OR A COUNTRY OR A SPECIES. human beings will never find peace with themselves. ever. until they are able to treat animals kindly

if you google animal abuse and domestic violence you'll find thousands of hits.

Animal Abuse as Clue to Additional Cruelties

Responding to growing evidence that people who abuse animals often go on to attack humans, states are increasing the penalties for animal cruelty and developing better methods for tracking convicted offenders.

State lawmakers are paying especially close attention to animal hoarders — people who keep large numbers of pets without providing for their most basic needs — because these offenders are prone to recidivism and can cost counties huge sums for cleanup costs and the care of rescued animals.

At least 27 states now allow courts to bar convicted animal abusers from owning or coming into contact with pets, nearly double the number from a decade ago, and 3 other states are considering similar measures this year. Tennessee and California are considering bills to create online registries of animal abusers...........

.............One study found that in 88 percent of homes where children were physically abused, pets were mistreated too. A 2007 study found that women abused by their intimate partner were 10 times more likely to report that their partner had hurt or killed one or more of their pets than women who were not abused................

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