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Friday, February 12, 2010

they keep changing their name, but we'll keep tracking them down

please go to facebook and REPORT this group. it advocates misogyny AND violence (as in KILLING) against women.

please tell me where the humor is in that?

new name is:

GTA taught me if you kill a hooker, you get your money back

killing your hooker on facebook

A guest-post by Miranda from Women’s Glib.

by Jill

It has come to my attention that there is a Facebook fan page entitled, “Killing your hooker so you don’t have to pay her.” The page boasts such updates as, “Ever stab your hooker with a blunt object to add insult to injury?” The page was created about a month ago.

And, as of today, it has 22,127 fans.

This is a deeply offensive, misogynistic, and outright violent page. Hypothetical violence is not funny, but real violence is even less amusing — and this violence is real. The murder of sex workers is frighteningly commonplace, and all too often is excused under some bullshit pretense that sex workers are expendable, are unhuman.


Quick Hit Update: "Kill Your Hooker" Facebook group changes name to avoid deletion

Posted by Vanessa

As an update to yesterday's What We Missed that called attention to the horrendous Facebook group, "Kill Your Hooker So You Don't Have to Pay Her", one of our readers alerted us to this: Apparently, everyone's speedy organizing has resulted in the group changing their name (and link) to make it seem as if the group doesn't exist anymore. But oh, does it still.

Let's keep reporting it until this group is gone permanently. Great online organizing, all!

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