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Monday, January 12, 2009

speaks for itself

i DO want to say the insane-inator has the fucking gall to say he's sorry about some shite. hmmmm sorry about sending 4,000 plus american women and men to their deaths in iraq (for NO reason other than to line the pockets of the good ol' boy network)? nope, not sorry about that.sorry for injuries to tens of thousands of american men and women who were sent into iraq and wounded? nope, not sorry about that. sorry for the innocent iraqis that were killed, wounded and/or displaced? nope, not sorry for that. sorry for escorting our country in serious financial ruin? nope, not sorry about that. sorry for brownie and the lack of care for natural disaster victims (katrina and more)? nope, not sorry about that.

he's fucking sorry about a FUCKING BANNER. not people losing their jobs, people without housing, people without insurance, genocides in foreign lands, lack of education. no, HE'S FUCKING SORRY ABOUT A FUCKING BANNER

White House: Increase in terror attacks since 9/11 a success

Eric Brewer
One of the many sad ironies of the Bush era that is rapidly and mercifully drawing to a close is that after the president created a “central front in the war on terror” by invading Iraq, the amount of “terrorism” in the world skyrocketed. I call it the Bush Bubble:

At first, the administration seemed a little embarrassed by this result, and it engaged in various attempts, which I’ve documented over the years and summarized here, at disguising the increase. Interestingly, the public face for many of those shenanigans was John Brennan, formerly head of the National Counterterrorism Center and currently Obama’s transition intelligence adviser and pick for the newly created position of deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism. ..............

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