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Friday, December 01, 2006

those wild and wacky greeks

this is a rather cool and amazing story

Ancient Greek Computer's Inner Workings Deciphered

Kate Ravilious for National Geographic News
November 29, 2006
When it came to making cogs and gears, the ancient Greeks got there more than a millennium before anyone else, scientists say.
Using advanced new imaging techniques, scientists have reconstructed the gear structure of the mysterious Antikythera mechanism—one of the world's oldest computers.
The researchers also deciphered previously hidden text from the astronomical calculator, which dates back to around 100 B.C.
The new research, which appears in tomorrow's issue of the journal Nature, confirms that the ancient Greeks had developed extremely sophisticated levels of craftsmanship and scientific knowledge.
Under the Sea
The intricate bronze instrument has puzzled scientists ever since it was recovered in A.D. 1901. The device was one of many treasures found in a Roman shipwreck discovered by a sponge diver just off Antikythera island, off the southern coast of Greece (map of Greece). ..........

(and a shout out to "s" the wackiest greek i personally know)

New imaging techniques have helped scientists reconstruct the inner workings of the mysterious Antikythera mechanism—one of the world's oldest computers. A diagram of the ancient Greek astronomical calculator's front gears, for example, is seen here.

The new research confirms the level of sophistication of the breadbox-size device's cogs and gears (one of which is seen inset), which resemble parts used more than a thousand years later.

Images copyright of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project


Beach Bum said...

Saw a special on the History Channel on that device and I was enthralled. Given that nothing exists in a vacuum I wonder what other wonders from the ancient world we have lost.

Unknown said...

i will have to look for it on the history channel (i don't have cable but my pops does and i spend a lot of time over there. yes, watching cable)

someone i know just returned from egypt. she was almost in tears describing the pyramids to me. no moving parts (well you know what i mean) but a miracle none the less

Unknown said...

look how long it takes modern civilization to fix a stupid pothole