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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MORE MORE MORE on whippin' 'em out

this was on msnbc YESTERDAY. it's NOT there today. odd odd odd. i have the link. i did indeed read the story (yesterday). the headline comes up but not the story. i did a search on msnbc and nothing at all comes up (the original story does not the follow up). the article was all well and good but what got to me were the comments made by the readers of this story. some of course saw nothing wrong with breast feeding ones children. others, like me were OUTRAGED. i know what breasts are really for. SEX and to SELL STUFF. that's it. unless you are f**king OR selling beer and cars those bad boys should be boxed in and strapped up. period. some like me thought breast feeding in a public place was DISGUSTING (yes, they used that word). some couldn't understand why a woman HAD to breastfeed her child on a one hour flight (of course some other liberal commie pinko pointed out there was a FOUR HOUR DELAY on that very same flight). another left wing supporter of people's rights (hah!!!) pointed out the woman was being VERY discreet about the feeding and her husband was between her and the aisle.

women should keep their breasts covered while on airplanes UNLESS they are filming a shaving cream commercial. WE ALL KNOW THAT

Flight attendant disciplined for booting mom
Airline takes action after breast-feeding mother removed from flight

(this article did come up but it's NOT the one i wanted to post today Woman kicked off plane for breast-feeding baby
Files complaint saying she was being discreet, airline disagrees

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